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Synthesia is an AI video creator that uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to create high-quality videos from text in over 120 languages without any actors, cameras, or mics. It’s perfect for small businesses Yakov Livshits that need some extra content but can’t afford to hire professionals, or for people who wish to create videos for personal use. Synthesia is an AI video creation platform that can generate videos in more than 120 languages, accents, and voice tones.

The 10 Most Important AI Trends For 2024 Everyone Must Be Ready For Now – Forbes

The 10 Most Important AI Trends For 2024 Everyone Must Be Ready For Now.

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This AI-powered assistant will automatically check for hidden design mistakes and solve them. First, you will need to select a humatar who will serve as the presenter of this video. Currently, there are as many as 74 humatars to choose from. Third, you cannot merge more than six small videos into a final video. If you used up all your allocated credits, you could buy more.


As with any form of automation, there may be concerns about generative AI taking jobs. But most of the executives we spoke with (60%) don’t expect generative AI to have a significant effect on their talent model or alleviate the industry’s critical talent shortage. Bain spoke with gaming industry executives about the potential and the challenges of generative AI for their industry.

This tool will help you save time with video creation, increase your company’s visibility, and significantly reduce the burden of maintaining an active social media presence. Next, type or paste your script and choose a narration style or accent, add a soundtrack, edit until you are satisfied, and generate your AI video after a few minutes. You can also translate your videos directly from Synthesia. You can then preview and edit this script if required before generating an HD-quality video file ready to upload to your website or social media channels. Here, we discuss some of the best AI-powered text-to-video tools that will make your life easier. Soon, you’ll be making engaging videos for your business or personal use in just a few clicks.

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Whether you’re looking to shorten it down or spruce it up, Wisecut has the tools to get it done. Lumen5 is a video-making tool that helps you turn content into captivating visual stories for marketing and brand awareness. This tool empowers you to create an interactive story with just a few clicks.

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Try out these AI video generators that do all the work for you. Wave Video is a popular choice among content creators, thanks to its many tools, which include image and video Yakov Livshits assets, text overlay effects, audio, and captions. Colossyan provides a diverse range of avatars who can recite your script in a variety of accents and languages.

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We tested this by writing a script for an educational video about the ancient city of Petra in Jordan (a UNESCO World Heritage site and popular movie setting) that ran between one and two minutes, depending on the app. Kapwing’s Smart B-Roll feature scans your video and provides you with B-roll footage and graphics to complete your video. Access a full creative suite with 100+ editing tools to create the exact high quality video you’re imagining. Visla can generate a straightforward video script with short, to-the-point paragraphs. Next, you can feed that script into another AI engine that will search a stock image and video library to find the content that would make sense with the words on your script.

  • This offers a great, quick way to turn a few dozen slides into a few-minute video that’s easy for colleagues or clients to access when they need it.
  • They can also be used to create video podcasts, promos, and various other forms of engaging and high-quality video content.
  • There’s no shortage of apps providing these capabilities.

For video creation it could level the playing field more than smartphones and social video platforms have already done. It will also fundamentally change the video content industry. Discover the top 11 AI tools for generating videos in this article. Explore a range of powerful platforms that leverage artificial intelligence to transform text into engaging video content. From text-to-speech technology to automated video creation, uncover the best AI tools to streamline your video production process and create captivating videos with ease. HeyGen provides a variety of helpful tools and features for users to generate videos in minutes.

Where will AI video generators head next?

Try out these text-to-video generators if you’re looking for a way to save time (and money) when putting together campaigns or any other creative projects. leverages artificial intelligence to generate professional videos automatically, quickly, and easily. Pictory makes Yakov Livshits sharing an engaging message across social media channels as easy as uploading a script. You can also toss in a long video for a bite-sized, shareable summary. Ever wish you could easily convert long-form video or text content into short, shareable videos for social media?

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